Metamorphosis Day 10, Juice Fast Day 3

Today was kind of amazing. As you will see, I ran into a few snags, but they ended up being fantastic experiences, and I learned something about my body as well.

Juice Fast Day 3

This juicing thing is really working for me. Seriously, my life is so busy, that eliminating food consumption from from my list of things to plan for, think about, and do frees me up to enjoy life more.   It’s as easy as: (Step 1) Go to store and buy juice (Step 2) Drink. Done.

I awakened some serious gas though, as after some green juice this morning, I had serious stomach cramping. I was at work and so desperate to relieve the gas that I actually closed my office door, and did a inversion / headstand in my J Crew wool skirt and silk blouse.  It didn’t work. So then I tried (keeping my office door closed)  laying on my stomach on the floor while working on my laptop on the floor.  That didn’t work. The stomach pain was so uncomfortable, that I decided to leave the office and finish my workday at home. I even drove with my seat reclined significantly to try to relieve the pressure.

Interestingly, that pain is something that I dealt with for years starting my teenage years. There were times where I would lay in the bed for up to six hours writhing in pain, and other times where I was dining out (at Red Robin) with friends, and I would have to leave the table to go to the car to recline to ease the pain while I waited for my friends to finish dining.

Needless to say, the doctors did not have a solution. They prescribed anti-acids and anti-depressants, neither of which I took because I knew instinctively that it would not resolve the problem. I have been able to mitigate that pain in the last five years through proper food combining and a cleaner diet.

But today I had a biology lesson which answered for me what was driving that pain all those years. It was gas. I know this because as the pain was there today, I knew instinctively to do a colonic. And Holy Colonic! What a colonic. Gas poured out followed by waste. It was definitely a productive colonic. I actually feel more gas pressure now so I know that if I wanted to, I could actually perform another colonic today, but honestly, I’d rather just to go bed.

Today’s Juices:

  • 16 ounces distilled water, grapefruit, orange, lemon with 3 tsp total of Body Ecology Diet Potent Proteins and Vitality Super Green powders
  • 1/3 gallon green juice: cucumber, celery, apple, ginger, spinach, kale, lemon, stevia
  • 1/3 gallon yummy pink juice: pineapple, lemon, cranberry, ginger
  • 2 mugs vegetable broth: parsnip, mushroom, celery, onion

Metamorphosis Day 10

I was unable to comply with my early morning wake up this morning, and since I left the office early and worked from home in the afternoon, I had the window of opportunity to get my workout in at five o’clock before picking up my kids at 6:30.  As usual, I started with Muscular Structure, followed by Rebounding. However, half way through rebounding, my DVD froze!   Ah!   After coaxing the DVD machine a bit, I took it out to find the DVD had a smudge on it.   I didn’t want to disrupt my cardio flow, so I decided to clean the rebounding DVD later and instead fit in the full 30 minutes of Cardio Dance.    Somehow today, due to the snag in the rebounding DVD and my mindset when it happened, I surprised myself and really rocked the dance cardio.

I said on an earlier post that I thought it may take me up to 30 days to complete a full 30 minutes where I really give my all to the dance for the full duration.  Nope.   I did it today.   On day ten. 🙂

I think my Playlist helped significantly. I hadn’t messed around with preparing my own playlist before, but today for the first time I put on an old playlist that is dance club type music, and that was a sheer motivator. I discovered after my divorce, (when going through that post divorce phase of rediscovering one’s own preferences), how much I missed dancing to club music. Yes, perhaps I’m a little too reminiscent of my twenties, but hey! I love what I love, and it really gets me moving!

Wowzer (did I just really type that word?) I sweat and sweat and sweat like crazy. The room was almost 80 degrees so in additon to the playlist that helped I’m sure.   But seriously. . . . . (Ew gross, I know) but I was soaking, dripping, and even sometimes splashing sweat.

Sidebar: I never in a million years imagined that I would be blogging about an amazing day due to a productive colon irrigation and some serious sweat.

Anyway, I felt amazing today having done all this and discovering new things about my body.

Evening Routine, 5:00 p.m.

30 minutes Days 1-10 Muscular Structure Metamorphosis DVD
15 minutes Metamorphosis Rebounding DVD (148 heart beats per minute)
30 minutes Metamorphosis Dance Cardio DVD (156 heart beats per minute)

One thought on “Metamorphosis Day 10, Juice Fast Day 3

  1. I’m enjoying following along SO much! Loved the visual of the office headstand 😉 Totally sounds like something I’d do!

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