40 Day Juice Fast Objectives

One week after starting my 90 Days of Self Love, on May 20, 2013, I will begin my 40 day juice feast/fast.   I have been mentally preparing for this juice feast for the last two months, and in my planning process, I listed out my reasons for embarking upon the juice feast.   I view this juice feast as an opportunity for me to do a complete reset on my health.  I will be bringing to the juice feast the benefits of the last five years of consuming a detox-diet, and this juice feast will be a deeper process that I view as a launching pad and position myself for further success in the next five years to come.

This reset applies to my physical health (with all the symptoms I have been experiencing including cystic acne, anxiety,  aches and pain, etc.) and my spiritual health (really letting go of my need for external attachment and focusing instead inside and on how I feel, and the resources within me), and emotionally.   On the emotional front, I will have nothing to fill my void, I can instead focus on moving my emotions and anchoring into love consciousness (as outlined in the Isha System).

Outside of that, within the juice feast, I intend for the following:

  • To let go of attachments and behaviors that are not me
  • To turn my focus inward
  • To reset my body
  • To put my body on nature’s operating table and allow for the body’s natural healing process to take place
  • To decongest my liver
  • To reset my hormones
  • To eliminate two small fibroids
  • To clear out emotions that food and coffee can be used to mask
  • To erradiate candida
  • To make deposits into my body’s alkaline reserve
  • To let go of additions to sugars, carbohydrates, and caffeine
  • To reveal the goddess body that exists within me
  • To clear up my lymphatic system
  • To reverse and reset the aging process
  • To eliminate old deeply lodged waste matter
  • To eliminate stored carbonic gas
  • To clear out deeply lodged mucoid matter
  • To live with the knowing that my being is my sustinance
  • To turn my attention and focus from the external world toward the well resources inside of me
  • To access my own power and self sovereignty
  • To slay the yeast monster.
  • To step into a higher level of self-mastery
  • To eliminate my wobbely bits
  • To eliminate cellulite
  • To eliminate spongy fat
  • To eradicate free radicals
  • To eliminate and prevent sagging skin
  • To eliminate general anxiety
  • To elimiante caffine induced anxiety
  • To purge my body of pharmacueticals
  • To cleanse my liver

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