Why 90 Days of Self Love?

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What I’m Doing

I find myself drawn to embarking on a personal transformative process that will take me to the next level.    I am ready for a major upgrade to my system physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  What I feel compelled to do is to approach this process as 90 Days of Self Love.  I use the term “self love” because my intention is to turn my attention and focus inward deliberately for 90 days, and to both nurture and evolve the way that I approach and experience my world.  To do this, I am tuning out external demands and distractions.  I am choosing to focus on internalizing the experience that everything that I need is available to me in each moment.   I want to deepen my understanding of that truth by learning to incorporate it better into my every-day-modern-life.

I know that as I tune out distractions and unnecessary demands that I will face some emotions that might otherwise be masked.   Yet, I’m ready for that, and have my support system in place for that as well, to hold me through that process.  I notate that support system below.  I plan to tune out the external world and tune inward instead, and watch and witness and be present in my transformative process.

My at home rituals and practices will be geared toward that goal.

Why I’m Doing It

I’m a modern day busy woman.  As a mother of two young children with a demanding career and a household to manage on my own, it is so easy to constantly nurture the demands of my life subsequently putting some of my own needs and priorities on the back burner.   It is also easy to get lost into the flurry of stress, feeling fatigued and out-of-center, as the stream of demands continue seemingly all day every day with no end.

However, after putting myself on the back-burner and hitting rock bottom through a divorce a while ago and other life situations, I have learned the importance of self-nuturing and self-love, and I have made great progress on that front.    The thing is, that I am now ready to take that to the next level.

For example, there are certain things that have fallen off my priority list (like exercise) as I tend to the demands of my family, my household, and my job.  But I am ready to change that.   In addition to tuning out external distractions and demands and unnecessary engagements, the primary shifts that I will be making in my life  are in the areas of diet and exercise.   Yet as I do that, I will be continuing to put intent focus on the my spiritual practice and emotional release techniques as well.


I have run out of the excuses I have been using over the last five years to avoid a regular exercise routine.   The excuses have consited of:

1) Hey, I lost all of my pregnancy weight through diet alone!  Wahoo!  Why do more?

2) I don’t have time.  I don’t have time.  My life is too demanding.  I don’t have time.

3) I can’t drive to the gym (with young ones at home), and I don’t have space in my house, so – I’m out.

However, I am at the point where I acknowledge that I can no longer float through life without a regular exercise routine.  With the demanding lifestyle that I live, stress to relieve, and the occastional bout of anxiety, I now acknowledge that it is time to make the shift.   I have lost some of my youthful muscle tone.  I have plateaued on my weight loss.   And I’m over it.   It’s time to get on it and to start my exercise routine!

I have been drawn the Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis (TAM) for some time, and have familiarized myself with it.   As of May 13, 1013, I am on the 90 day Metaphorphosis program.

With the Tracy Anderson Method, I love the fact that I can squeeze 30 minutes of rebounding into my routine, as it is so detoxifying and invigorating to the body.  I describe her method as the feminine version of P90X or Insanity.  It is not any less intense, but it is geared toward the female body, with a more feminine approach.  I like that.

So, my daily routine will be first thing in the morning to do the (1) 30 minute muscular routine DVD to warm up to the (2) 30 minute rebounding DVD.  Completing those two work outs first will warm me up to the (3) 30 minutes dance cardio DVD.  I’m happy with this approach as in my experience dance cardio creates more sweat, but by incorporating the rebounding DVD in daily, I will also gets in the detoxifying benefits of rebouding, plus warm the my muscles up for the intense dance cardio.  I will be doing this for six days a week, for 90 days, and from there I will transition into the Tracy Anderson Continuation series.

I am using my new Mizuno Inspire shoes (for lightweight stability), and am warming up the room for the workout to ensure proper support for dance cardio to avoid shin splints or other injuries.

Diet: Juice Feast Time!

Those who know me, know that I have been on a detox diet for several years now.  I have loved the benefits of the approach that I learned from Natalia Rose, author of The Raw Food Detox Diet.   And I have progressed through the levels that she outlines in her book.   After many years on the detox diet, I am now at a point where I mostly juice until dinner most days, and then eat a light, detox friendly meal.

I’m ready to take that to the next level as well.  I’m ready to kick the coffee habit and eliminate all sugar consumption for a dedicated period of time.  Mostly, I am ready to get further into my deep cellular cleansing.   After five years of cleansing, juice feasting is now something that I feel ready for.   Many people online do 90 to 100 days of juice feasting.   For me, with my lifestyle, and my summer plans, 40 days feels right.   I will start my juice feast on May 20, 2013, and colon cleansing will be a key component to that as well.

The Spiritual Component: The Isha System

My spiritual practice consists of 1 hour per day of meditation.   I utilize the Isha System  as outlined in the book “Why Walk When You Can Fly”.   I have been practicing the system for the last three years, and I will continue this practice throughout my 90 days of self-love by doing my unification practice in the evenings before bed.  

The Isha System is designed to cultivate unconditional love of self.  It rapidly expands and stabilizes an inner experience of peace and joy, from which we can transform our lives from the inside out.  The point is, that the more I am able to cultivate my love of self, the more love I have available to give to others.

I find it beautiful that this system has no beliefs, so it is a nice compliment for anyone coming from any background.  I have attended events in Mexico three times and can share that this system transcends any differences in philosophy or creed and quenches a thirst that every human shares, and that unites us beyond all apparent differences: the search for love.

Practicing the system helps me to stop wandering off into the past and future, and start giving the here and now my undivided attention: the present, where life is really happening.   Established in this internal experience, it is easier to live life from the heart.  So, naturally, I will continue to deepen into this practice while I go through these dedicated 90 days.

The Emotional Component: The Isha System

I know that as I eliminate unncessary distractions, food consumption, and substances like coffee and sugar, I will face some emotions that those things might otherwise mask.   Yet, I’m ready for that, and have my support system in place for that as well, to hold me through that process.   The Isha System has been the most unconditionally loving support system that I have come across in my decade of searching.   The Isha teachers are a phone call away, and are available to support me 24/7 when I have times where I need to release some of my emotions (stress).  They help me to view releasing emotions as merely releasing stress, and I’m greatful to have this system at my disposal as I eliminate stress and continue further in my healing process.   I am so grateful for this support system.  To find out more about The Isha System go to http://www.whywalkwhenyoucanfly.com.


One thought on “Why 90 Days of Self Love?

  1. Really enjoying reading your blog, I’m amazed at how dedicated to your routine you are with all of the other commitments you have in your life. I personally have a lot more time in the day than you but still sometimes struggle to get my exercise in so I really need to push myself in future and know that it IS doable! Keep up the good work!

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